The Necessity of Transformer Industry Informatization Construction

With the rapid development of information technology, such as computer technology, communication technology and network technology, human society has moved from the industrial age to the information age. More and more attention has been paid to the transformation of information technology to traditional industries and the development and utilization of information resources. . "Informatization" has become a key link of national economic and social development, the level of information has become a important measure sign of the level of a country, a regional level of modernization and comprehensive national strength. Enterprise is the basis of national economy, the most important national information construction is the enterprise information construction, enterprise information has become a global trend. Enterprise informationization refers to the process of enterprises using modern information technology, deepening the development and extensive use of information resources, and continuously improving the efficiency and level of production and operation, management and decision-making, thereby enhancing the economic efficiency of enterprises and enterprise market competitiveness.In layman's terms, enterprise information technology is to use information technology to transform business activities to make it more effective. At present, the general situation of informatization in developed countries is that more than 90% of enterprises adopt computer aided design (CAD) and product database technology (PDM) in the field of design and manufacturing. In the field of management and operation, adopt internet to achieve the business process reengineering and enterprise resource planning (ERP) strategy. Therefore, in today's era of global market competition, the integrated application of information technology has become an important factor to improve the viability and core competitiveness of enterprises. As the main user of the transformer manufacturing business is the power sector, many of our transformer business leaders think that as long as they establish a good relationship with them, companies can develop, there is no need for information technology. This weak awareness of information seriously affected the transformer manufacturing industry information construction, resulting in low level of enterprise information infrastructure management.


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