Forecast and Analysis of China Electronic Transformer Trend in the Future

At present, China's electronic transformer market is basically in a stable state, electronic transformers are labor-intensive products, China's labor costs are relatively low, the industry has not been in such a greater impact, exports also have further growth. Last year, China's exports value of electronic transformers close to 1.2 billion, an increase of 2.66%.

Electronic transformer is a kind of large volume and heavy weight accessories, in order to meet the miniaturized development needs of electronic products, the market will promote the electronic transformers to the small and light direction, more importantly, with the machine performance changes, the electronic transformers will be drived to high-frequency, low loss, surface mount and new materials, new structure.

China's electronic transformers are still decades of traditional products, mostly still use silicon steel, ferrite, enameled wire, plastic skeleton as the main raw materials and components. In order to support the new electronic products, in recent years, the introduction of the R-core technology and the development of the R-type transformers have been done to further improve the quality of electronic transformers.

Now, domestic electronic transformer production account for more than 20% of global output, China has become the main supply base in the international market. With the increasingly fierce competition in the international market, in order to reduce costs, further promote the scale of production of transformers, then form the economies of scale to adapt to more intense market competition.

In this regard, the electronic transformer business will take the road of technological progress in the future development. The traditional old products despite have the market and production, but the profit margins have been very small, it is impossible to form a strong competitive edge. The main profit point will line to a new generation of high-end products, the rapid rise of passive integration technology, the comprehensive upgrade of micro-Machine transformers will provide a leap-forward development of the transformer enterprise.


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